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The Highs and Lows of Competitive Sport

30-May-2019 10:01
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by Admin

This weekend I competed in my first national formula ford race. And let me tell you, it isn’t easy. It isn’t easy because it’s an emotional rollercoaster, one minute you feel unstoppable, highest of the high, next moment you question your ability and if you can really do it. Yet we all stand up time again and try again and again, why?

See all athletes... whether they be drivers, gymnasts, footballers, netballers, runners or martial artists they all share something in common, the love of their sport. They all know the highest of highs, getting a win or beating your PB, but we all know too well the lowest of the lows, crashing out and making silly mistakes that cost us. What separates us athletes is the desire to win, the desire to improve and the inability to quit.

The other aspect of sports is the team… the extended family you adopt. Priceless. See, racing may seem like a solo sport but let me tell you it is anything but. It is a team sport in every sense of the word, and I couldn’t have a better team behind me. They help celebrate your wins and pick you up after the losses. There is no great athlete on this planet that did it alone, they were all supported by an incredible team.

My best position of the weekend was a 13th out of a grid of 20. Without context; that’s not so great. With context; I’m moving mountains. 5 weeks ago I’d never raced, and here I am competing alongside the best. I didn’t win the race, I didn’t even come close, but I won with myself, my times are reducing, my handling of the car has come on leaps and bounds and I got down and dirty helping fix my car when I inconsiderately threw it into the barrier.

No one starts off an expert, so be proud of the steps forward you make, and learn from the mistakes, and remember it’s never the end of the world, there’s always an opportunity to stand up and try again.

Often it’s the person who wants it most that wins in the end.

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