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Are you following your dreams or just letting life dawdle by?

30-May-2019 10:02
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by Admin

Ask yourself 2 questions:

1) What am I scared of? Write them down, and I bet most of them are actually things your clever brain has conjured up as excuses, because it’s easy to be comfortable! Your brain is hardwired to take the easy path, so you bet your bottom dollar it’s going to be painful when you start going against the grain and following your dreams. But seriously, no pain no gain, if it were easy everyone would do it.

2) In 10 years’ time am I going to kick myself for not giving it a go? Because regret is a bitter bill to swallow when you no longer have the choice.

There’s 2 paths you can take in life, a hard one and an easy one. The easy one is where you’re working so hard day in, day out, juggling 347 things, maintaining a family unit, sleeping, eating, showering and somehow remaining human. Battling everyday towards your goals even when you lose sight.

 The hard path is where you fib yourself into “one day”, one day I’ll start writing that book, one day I’ll do that sky dive, one day I’ll get fit. Until that one day no longer exists, and you’re too old to do the skydive or not fit enough. And suddenly you’re sat there faced with the pangs of regret, and there’s jack all you can do about it.

There’s two paths you can take in life, an easy and a hard one, which will you take?

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