"No one has ever become poor by giving"

Cardiac Risk in The Young

A charity close to my heart (no pun intended), they do great work supporting young people and their families from diagnosis through to treatment and have an outstanding bereavement network for those affected by Sudden Cardiac Death. They also work tirelessly on research to try and ultimately reduce the amount of cardiac related deaths in young people.

GIVE Volunteers

GIVE is an organisation that mixes travel for young people with volunteer projects abroad. It brings together like minded people who want to immerse themselves into a new culture whilst making a difference. Responsible travel is definitely an area that I think will grow rapidly in the next few years

One Tree Planted

This not-for-profit helps individuals and businesses alike offset their carbon footprint by planting trees. They have active project across the world, and it costs as little as $1 to plant a tree and care for it for 3 years until a mature point. We can all do a little bit to help protect our planet.

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