"Nicky J wouldn’t exist without the power team that have my back."

BM Racing

My incredible FF1600 team who got me in my first race car and continue to support me race weekend in and out. Legends. All of them. I’ve an awful lot to thank them for.

Family & Friends

There’s a lot more than meets the eye with this journey I’ve embarked on. There is so much that goes into this business before you even step foot in the car, and it’s not always easy. My friends and family are irreplaceable and I’m utterly privileged to have them in my life, my only hope is one day I can repay the favour.


Yes people, people I don’t know, kind words go a long way. 99% of human beings are wonderful and we should revel in that. I’ve been surprised by the positive support I’ve gotten from relative strangers – makes me happy!

Honey & Molly

Yep, that’s the dog and the horse! Don’t really know what to say except that dogs truly are man’s best friend, and a horse gives you the wings and the freedom you’d otherwise never experience.

Partners / Sponsors / Coaches

Ribby Hall Holiday Village

Demon Tweeks

Smarter Web Company

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